Innovation Support Services

Innovation Support Services

Intellectual property and innovation are inextricably linked. When you patent a product or come up with a design needing registration you unlock the commercial potential of a ground-breaking innovation. Then, as your venture grows, the time comes for either an IP audit or IP valuation or even both!

It’s time to clearly understand the strategic implications of your IP portfolio. What started with you asking how to patent an idea has now led you to wholesale strategic consideration of your IP.

As an innovative business, one of your most important partners is the IP firm advising on your intellectual property rights. It’s much more than just patent protection! We’ve partnered organisations like yours for decades and can make a strong case for helping yours too.

One reason clients value our partnership so highly is the range of innovation support services providers that we can recommend or introduce them to. Experience shows that there’s a wealth of support out there for get up and go innovators who need a helping hand.

To discover more about the benefits of using innovation support services, please contact us via our contact form


To give you an idea of the contacts that we offer, here are some of the organisations offering innovation support services

D2M Innovation

D2M Innovation (Design2Market), is a Cheltenham based consultancy specialising in helping innovators with development, prototyping, manufacturing and protection of new ideas. From concept development and rapid prototyping to getting new products to market, this team can help.


Farm 491

If you are innovating in the agricultural field, with services as diverse as drone technology as hi-tech animal security, Farm 491 is a specialist space for innovative agritech businesses based out at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester.


Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Conveniently located at the junction of the M5 and M4 motorways in Bristol, Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is a joint venture between the University of Bristol and the University of The West of England that describes itself as ‘the most comprehensive academic centre for multi-disciplinary robotics research in the UK.’


Mosaique Creative & Marketing

Innovation is one thing; then there’s intellectual property protection. Next you have to communicate with prospective clients. That’s where Mosaique comes in, with a range of communication tools ranging from strategy and graphic design to SEO and digital media.



Inngot brings us full circle to a specialist consultancy that provides easy-to-use online tools. These help you find, manage and assess the monetary value of your intellectual property using an IP valuation. In their words: ‘we’re on a mission to help organisations everywhere unlock the commercial value of their IP and intangibles [intangible assets]’.

IP Cybersecurity

IP Cybersecurity provides SMEs support and guidance in recognising and responding to online threats to intellectual property assets.

Download a free copy of IP Cybersecurit SME Guide to IP Cybersecurity by clicking here.


Meet your future innovation support Services partners

As you can see, when you build a relationship with us you get access to much more than just IP attorneys and their services.

You gain access to a wide-reaching network of trusted partners who, between them, have all the skills, experience and tools needed to help you exploit your innovation. After all, what is intellectual property but an intangible asset that protects your creativity while you do everything needed to make it a commercial success.

For more information, please contact any of the above. Alternatively, please call us or email to arrange a chat about which of these businesses could best help you into an exciting, profitable future.


To discover more about the benefits of using trusted innovation support services, please contact us via our contact form


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