Susanna Stephen

Patent Attorney

Three things you didn't know about Susanna:

  • Susanna spent a fantastic four years living and working in Australia, but now back in the UK is relieved that the most dangerous animal she is likely to encounter is an overtired toddler 
  • Enjoys playing her cello and has played in many orchestras, chamber groups and weddings over the years
  • Is a keen DIYer











Susanna is a European Patent Attorney with a chemistry degree from the University of Bristol. She was awarded a postgraduate scholarship and PhD also from the University of Bristol for her research involving homogeneous transition metal catalysis and is co-author on nine peer-reviewed scientific papers.

She has particular patent experience in the chemical and life sciences sector, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, petrochemicals, steels, food products and polymers. Susanna enjoys working with a variety of clients from SMEs and university technology transfer companies to multinational chemical companies.


  • European Patent Attorney (EPA)
  • BSc Chemistry - University of Bristol 
  • PhD Chemistry - University of Bristol


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