Jason Stevens

Patent Attorney

Three things you didn't know about Jason:

  • Once walked on stage at the Clyde Auditorium in front of 1500 people and was halfway across before realizing that he had forgotten the prop vital to the scene
  • He scored a five-point answer in round 2 of Only Connect (back when it was on BBC4 and no-one watched it), working out what came fourth in a sequence starting "Intake" without any further clues. This is still one of Jason's proudest moments. Prouder than forgetting the prop, at any rate...
  • Fosters kittens



After university, Jason spent two years as a junior Patent Examiner at the UK Patent Office (as it was then called) in Newport.  He then moved to Dehns in London, and spent 24 years working as a patent attorney for clients ranging from private individuals and UK-based SMEs to major multinationals.  He has considerable experience in drafting and prosecuting UK and European patent applications through to grant, and also in UK and European design applications.


  • European Patent Attorney (EPA)
  • UK Chartered Patent Attorney (CPA)
  • BA in Engineering Science (Oxford University)


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